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 Our "Video Drop Box" Page provides a selection of videos selected by professors to highlight salient points or otherwise to get you primed for the material to be covered within respective courses.  Your professor will let you know what they require of you in regard to lecture/discussion readiness etc. 

video drop box - Comparative Education

Comparative Education compares the educational systems of different countries around the world.  Research shows that there is a direct correlation between the level of education that exists in a country and its standard living, healthcare, crime and other social conditions.  The United Nations, UNEXCO and the OECD are the main supporters of research condicted aaround the world.

Learn about Scott's experience at the United World College.  The college system (comprising 22 colleges in different countries) seeks to expose students to different cultures in an effort to bring about a better understanding of each other and a better world.

This video highlights the impact of cultural practices and their impact on children and women.  It follows the plight of young girls married off to adult men at a young age and "forced" to have children before their bodies are able to bear and deliver them safely. Consider the lack of education and access to healthcare on the quality of life for these young girls.