Welcome to our "Video Drop Box" Page #1

Our "Video Drop Box" Page provides a selection of videos selected by professors to highlight salient points or otherwise to get you primed for the material to be covered within respective courses.  Your professor will let you know what they require of you in regard to lecture/discussion readiness etc.

video drop box - Dynamics of the classroom (EDU 2260)

(EDU 2260 Dynamics of The Classroom). Socioeconomic differences in education . An essential component of multicultural education.

(EDU 2260 Dynamics of The Classroom). Equity Petagogy.  An essential component in multicultural education.

(EDU 2260 Dynamics of The Classroom).  What makes a good teacher a great teacher?

Video Drop Box - Criminal Law (LAW 2290)

(LAW 2290 - Criminal Law). Problem Questions & General Advice.  Essentials of Criminal Law.  Strategies on how to analyse a problem question. How to structure and develop your answer in assessing liability or preparing a defence. And how to address the related issues, all within the point of law.

(LAW 2290 - Criminal Law). Essay Questions vs. Problem Questions.  Essentials of Criminal Law. How to be responsive to the specific question being asked.  How to identify the area of law and relevant topic being addressed.  Focus your structure and analysis on the debate.

(LAW 2290 - Criminal Law).  How to ace a Criminal Law question.

(LAW 2290 - Criminal Law).  Actus Reus Causation UK Criminal Law.

(LAW 2290 - Criminal Law).  Causation Criminal Law.   Simple revision notes on causation including legal cause as well as factual cause, chain of causation and life support machines for criminal law. 

Video Drop Box - Foundations of Education (EDU 1101)

(EDU 1101 - Foundations of Education) Bloom's Taxonomy - Cognitive Version.  How to gauge competence in learning and development.   This version focuses on the art of learning or perceiving things.

(EDU 1101 - Foundations of Education) Piaget's Theory.  This theory argues that we have to conquer four stages of cognitive development to reach full human intelligence.  

Video Drop Box - Global & Emerging Markets (BUS 4480)

(BUS 4480 - Global & Emerging Markets). Geoeconomic Studies looks at how emerging markets (China, Brazil, India, Russia, etc.) have fared over the past decade, the extent to which reserve accumulation and flexible exchange rates have enabled them to manage shocks, and the question of current financial stability.  

(BUS 4480 - Global & Emerging Markets). The collapse of the US investment bank Lehman Brothers triggered the worst global financial crisis since the Great Depression. This became known as the Global Financial Crisis, which  saw banks collapse and even whole countries teeter on the brink of insolvency.  Now, there are new warnings from financial insiders that the global economy could be even more vulnerable to a repeat meltdown. 

(BUS 4480 - Global & Emerging Markets).  Former Prime Minister of Austrailia, Kevin Rudd, addresses the topic "Are China & the USA doomed to conflict? "  What happens in these two countries will have a definite effect on all other countries.  From economies, to air quality, food, languages, politics and war.   He touches issues such as WTO, Intellectual Property Rights,  Cyber Attacks, Human Rights, International Relations & Global Warming.

(BUS 4480 - Global & Emerging Markets). Managing Political Risk.  Revolutions, conflicts and surprise election results all constitute political risk. Companies need to tackle these to take advantage of areas with high potential returns. 

videpo drop box - Urban Planning (PUB 2290)

(PUB 2290 Urban Planning & Development).  More than half of the world's population already lives in cities, and another 2.5 billion people are projected to move to urban areas by 2050. The way we build new cities will be at the heart of so much that matters, from climate change to economic vitality to our very well-being and sense of connectedness 

( PUB 2290 Urban Planning & Development).  An historic overview of urban spaces and the radical transformation seen over the past decades.

video drop box - Juvenile Justice System (CRJ 2290)

(CRJ 2290 Juvenile Justice System).  A full documentary on children and the Juvenile Justice System in the USA.  We recommend you watch in conjunction with videos for "Dynamics of the Classroom".