Student Registration (3 easy steps)


Step #1 (Course Selection)

  • Review the list of Course Offerings. (See list below)
  • Select the courses you would like to take.
  • Remember to only select the courses that relate to your major.
  • Your Academic Adviser will give you details on pre-requisites, sequence etc.
  • Ensure the days & times for courses you select do not conflict. 


Step #2 (Registration & Payment)

  • Please pay attention to Registration Deadline on Class Schedule.
  • Meet with your Academic Adviser or Student Services.
  • We will review your selected courses with you.
  • Your official registration form will then be prepared.
  • Make Deposit Payment. 
  • The balance of tuition will then be placed on a Payment Plan.  Or, you can opt to pay in full at this time (or within agreed timeline) in order to take advantage of full payment discount.
  • You will then receive your Registration Form & Class Schedlue.


Step #3 (Book LIst)

  • Your book list will be emailed to you giving full details on textbooks including title, author, edition, ISBN etc.
  • You can now order your textbooks via (We recommend the used textbooks section.)
  • Be sure to purchase your textbooks before classes start.
  • You are now set.  

class schedule (Spring 2020)

Contact us at 698-0820/1 if you would like to have a class added to the schedule.  Preference will be given to students scheduled to graduate 

It is important, therefore, that you register for all scheduled classes every term (on time) in order to stay on track for this year's graduation.

scan (pdf)


schedule of important dates (spring 2020)

 Review the attached schedule for details on exam dates and other important dates.

Files coming soon.

book list (SPRING 2020)

Courses are sorted by division (General Education, Business, Allied Health, Education and Social Sciences).

1. Locate your class(es) 

2. Verify the name of the course against your registration form.

3. Record / Write the name of the textbook and/or ISBN number.

4. Purchase your textbook ontime for class.  Allow for shipping.

5. We recommend used textbooks from

Files coming soon.